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    our laboratory

    Our laboratory is a captivating world full of weird and wonderful ideas, wild concepts, and enthralling themes. Amongst the test tubes, Bunsen burners, and microscopes, you’ll find all of the elements we need to turn your eccentric visions into a working reality.

     our laboratory

We tailor our service around you. Altering even one atom in an experiment can wildly impact upon the results. We think through every little detail to ensure that your event turns out exactly as it should be.


Experimenting with an eclectic mix of ideas and endless possibilities, our chemists seek to discover the optimum location, theme, and entertainment for your event.

Whether you’re looking to create a corporate or personal event, a wedding, birthday, or private function, you should leave a lasting impression from the moment your guests step through the door – combining all of the elements in just the right way, we’ll help you to create an evening they won’t forget. (For all the right reasons, of course!)


We have a whole host of tricks up our sleeves, and draw on every element in the event industry’s equivalent of the periodic table. From incorporating live music and speciality acts, to creating fun team building activities to break the ice, our chemists have everything covered.

Whether you decide to have one of our ‘off the shelf’ prescriptions or your own totally unique one, we guarantee the highest calibre of talent, professionalism and entertainment.