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    The Event Chemist

    Chemistry: the branch of science concerned with the substances of which matter is composed, the investigation of their properties and reactions, and the use of such reactions to form new substances.

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    The Event Chemist

Hidden away in our top-secret lab, The Event Chemist has spent years experimenting with a host of elements in order to perfect his formula for creating innovative, forward thinking and memorable events.


We take this formula and add in just the right amount of the coolest concepts and quirkiest ideas – delivering optimum results that are sure to spark an explosive reaction.

We specialise in concocting unforgettable events that break free from the norm. With over 25 years of entertainment and production experience, our trusty team of chemists are experts when it comes to prescribing the components that will ensure your event will stand out in the crowd.

For us, it’s about taking a simple idea and creating a catalyst that will bring it to life in the most innovative and imaginative way. It’s engrained in our ethos. It’s what we do best.

Although we have finely tuned our proven formula, we are firm believers in individuality. We work closely alongside you to experiment with different combinations, analyse and record your thoughts and feedback, before arriving at    a well thought out and original solution.

We even welcome brand agencies into our creative lab – after all two brains are often better than one. However much or little support you need, we can help you deliver an explosive event that will leave your clients more than impressed.  So if you’d like our chemists to take charge of one specific area of your event, leaving you free to organise the rest, we’re ready and waiting.