Think cocktail dresses, smart suits, and of course, a poker table. A casino theme is a sure fire way to inject a fun yet sophisticated vibe into your event.


Dust down your cowboy boots and get ready for some good old-fashioned line dancing. A country theme makes for a lively, energetic, and family friendly event – we can even arrange a mechanical bull!


Whether it’s the swinging 60s, the roaring 20s or the love-fuelled 70s, step back in time and introduce a decade theme into your event!


With their colourful, jewel-encrusted costumes, tantalising dancing, and captivating stage presence, Burlesque dancers will instantly take your guests back to the decadent 1920s. Theatrical and extravagant, a Burlesque theme will add a touch of glamour to your event.


With vintage glamour, opulent art deco, and plenty of jazz inspired by roaring 1920s, Don your flappy dress and travel back in time to the Gatsby era.


What better way to introduce a bit of glitz and glamour into your event than with a Hollywood theme? Think red carpet dress codes, VIP guest lists and maybe even a Hollywood-style walk of fame.


Re-ignite your inner child with a magical themed event. Think enchanted lights, magical castles, fairy tale characters, and woodland parties.

popstars / superstars

What better way to mark an event, than to get your guests dressed up as their favourite pop star or superstar and have them party the night away. If you’re feeling adventurous, you might even consider a ‘Stars in your Eyes’ style competition.


With the Big Band sounds of classic crooners, iconic faces such a Marilyn Monroe, that shaped the decade, and infamous songs, the Rat Pack era always makes a popular theme for any event.

round the world

We often find that we recognise national days and events, without ever truly celebrating or marking them. A Round the World themed event is the perfect solution. Why not incorporate traditional style, culture and food for an authentic touch?


Variety performances instantly add a new dimension to your event, with their ability to appeal to wide audiences, they will constantly keep your guests guessing what is coming next.