event logistics

what our chemist's say

Like any experiment, planning an event should be an exciting process – it certainly shouldn’t be stressful or leave you pulling your hair out!

All of our chemists are professional event managers. Whilst they are strategic and methodological thinkers, they also strongly encourage creativity.

We often find that our best ideas stem from our inner child – by shrugging off the restraints of adulthood, we can dream up the coolest concepts and the quirkiest ideas. Our lab is a place where you can let your imagination run wild, without having to worry about converting your hypothesis into results.

That’s what we’re here for. Donning our lab coats and safety glasses, we will lead you through every stage of the planning process, fending off any trials and tribulations as we go. We will take care of the management and production side of things – helping you to finely tune every detail of your event, making sure it runs like clockwork.

All you have to worry about is sitting back and watching us concoct your event before your eyes. We will be there as much or as little as you need us, and it doesn’t matter what stage of the planning process you are at, we have a super friendly team of experts ready to step in and take control when you need them.

So whether you need our finely tuned brains from the offset or simply an extra pair of hands on the day of your event, we’re ready, waiting and eager to assist.


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